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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Extra Digital Download
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No, it doesn't include DLC. It is Enhanced Edition of the game.
Alpha Early Access includes the first 3 chapters of the game, 6 Mythic Paths (Angel, Demon, Aeon, Azata, Lich, and Trickster), most, but not all, classes and archetypes, and an early iteration of the crusade management. A lot of parts are still work in progress and contain placeholder art and mechanics. Because of that we don’t allow streaming and sharing video footage of the alpha.
No, Alpha Early Access and Beta Early Access are two separate entities. Your tier must include a Beta Early Access reward for you to be able to participate in the beta testing.
You will be able to play alpha until the release of the game.
You can only pick a physical add-on if your pledge already includes a physical tier.
Beta Early Access will include more actual content instead of placeholders, and a new chapter that was not in the alpha. Also, although beta stage also means work in progress, it will be overall a much more polished experience than the alpha.
When the beta test begins. After that you will be able to get your beta key in your Digital Downloads section. We plan to begin the beta in January/February of 2021.
You can find this information if you log in and check the Orders page
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Steam and GOG. More platforms may be added in the future.
You can activate your code and download the set on
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No, the beta only works for Windows.
Please email, and we will help!